Definition of Overextended:

  1. Impose an excessive burden of work or commitments on (someone).

  2. Make (something) too long.

  3. Condition of having taken on financial or other commitments, beyond ones current capacity to pay or satisfy them on their due date or in the prescribed manner.

Synonyms of Overextended

Overtax, Overwork, Overburden, Overextend, Overreach, Overtask, Make too many demands on, Run oneself into the ground, Work oneself into the ground, Exert excessively, Drive too far, Exert to the limit, Push to the limit, Put a strain on, Put great demands on, Overtax, Overextend, Be too much for

How to use Overextended in a sentence?

  1. He should not overextend himself on the mortgage.
  2. At nine minutes plus the song is somewhat overextended.

Meaning of Overextended & Overextended Definition