Definition of Overage:

  1. General: Excess or surplus over what is normal, ordered, or required.

  2. An excess or surplus, especially the amount by which a sum of money is greater than a previous estimate.

  3. Shipping: Goods or merchandise received in excess over the quantity supposed to have been shipped and shown in the shipping documents. Opposite of shortage.

  4. Leasing: Percentage of sales paid, in addition to a fixed rent, to the landlord of a retail store.

Synonyms of Overage

Remainder, Remaining part, Part leftover, Rest, Remnant, Remnants, Balance, Bonus, Dividend, Excess, Extra, Gratuity, Lagniappe, Leftover, Margin, Overmeasure, Overplus, Overrun, Overset, Overstock, Oversupply, Plus, Pourboire, Redundancy, Remainder, Something extra, Spare, Superfluity, Surplus, Surplusage, Tip

How to use Overage in a sentence?

  1. You need to always have a plan of how to deal with something if you end up with an overage and cant handle it all.
  2. The user agreement only allowed two hundred minutes of talk time. After using three hundred minutes the user was charged for the overage .
  3. We always had an overage of items, because my uncle would buy everything he saw in the catalog and not take any chances on missing something.
  4. The company will make its money from overages when the film does well enough.

Meaning of Overage & Overage Definition