Over The Knee Spanking

Over The Knee Spanking

What is the entry above the knee? ۔

Hold the baby on your knees. This is a great way for the little ones. You can guide and fight with one hand and at least turn around.

When you're a little older and I find it a little harder to hold you in my arms. I also have a father with Oyers, who is a little weird in this position. So when I'm disciplined, I bow to them.

When I was little I used to lie on my mother's lap and most of the time I was naked and she loved me with her hands. It always hurts! He picked me up and knelt on my knees, pulled my pants down to calm me down. I behaved very badly, so I adjusted myself so that he would get down on his knees and kneel down more easily. I hate the British !!

Just like they say :) Place one person's face on the other person's lap (in a sitting position) so that their hips are spread out and there is a comfortable place to exercise.

Place this person on your knees on the floor and walk behind him.

Are you from the north or not? Well, I'm from Sweet Me Alabama and here we believe in good discipline !! (Above the knee)

Catch someone who is bringing him to his knees and pulling him from behind!

Rose: Well, I get down on my knees a lot.

Over The Knee Spanking