• Sell ​​to retail customers without any restrictions.

Literal Meanings of Over-the-Counter


Meanings of Over:
  1. Increase from

  2. At one level or at a higher level.

  3. More or less (a certain amount or sums)

  4. Press the passage or path.

  5. Specify the period.

  6. More.

  7. Indicate a passage or route.

  8. Go ahead and fall or hang in one place.

Sentences of Over
  1. I saw the flames over Berlin

  2. TV over the bar

  3. Over 40 degrees Celsius

  4. She crawled on the page

  5. He told me in the cafe

  6. Lively debate on unemployment

  7. Bend down and clap

  8. Reverse

Synonyms of Over

about, around, with respect to, concerning, beyond, re, speaking of, regarding, upwards of, atop, as for, higher up than, higher than, on to, respecting, above, apropos of, in all parts of, more than, as regards


Meanings of The:
  1. This refers to one or more individuals or things that have been mentioned or are considered general knowledge.

  2. Used to indicate a clause or expression that satisfies the condition or clarifies the following.

  3. It is used to give a general reference to something rather than to identify a particular example.

  4. Coffee (especially one thing)

  5. (Announced with an emphasis on "O") To indicate that a person or thing is the most famous or important in that name or category.

  6. Using an ad with a comparative value shows how the quantity or grade differs from anything else.

Sentences of The
  1. what's the problem?

  2. The riots that made them

  3. Learn to play the violin

  4. I hope to post something every month if I get paid

  5. She is a young hot jazz pianist

  6. The more I think about it, the more devastating it is

Synonyms of The

the commencement, the start, the very beginning, the beginning, the outset


Meanings of Counter:
  1. A flat-length device in a store or bank that did business with consumers.

  2. The tall, flat structure is used for food and drink in cafeterias or bars.

  3. An accountant.

  4. A small disc used as a location marker or used to monitor scores in board games.

  5. A token that represents a currency.

  6. Calculation tool

  7. For example, someone who must vote in an election.

  8. Ionizing A tool for counting individual events or particles.

  9. For general retail purchases without a prescription or license.

  10. (Capital transactions) that are outside the exchange system.

  11. Secretly and illegally (in connection with goods purchased or sold).

  12. Offer at the store or bank.

  13. Speak or act against it.

  14. Respond to conflicting words or actions.

  15. Relax when you stop.

Sentences of Counter
  1. Some supporters also signed the petition at store counters and other businesses in the city center.

  2. When children find different stalls at auto accessories stores and insurance counters, they enjoy entering competitions and painting competitions.

  3. Mrs. Wallace is at your bakery.

  4. The cinema offers digital photography services, cafeterias, dining tables and decorations that reflect the history and luxury of cinematographic art.

  5. Whenever a customer walks through the glass doors of a supermarket or goes to a wooden counter in a grocery store, the seller is likely to make a lot of money.

  6. I picked up a book about nature and it's on the counter in our new store.

Synonyms of Counter

answer, contrariwise, negate, contrary, conversely, jetton, different, retort to, buffet, contrarily, obverse, respond to, adverse, at variance with, in defiance of, conflicting, hit back at, table, opposed, opposite, contradictory, in opposition to, worktable, in contravention of, disc, top, differing, bench, contradict, contrasting