Definition of Outstanding:

  1. Remaining to be paid, done, or dealt with.

  2. Payment that has not been received for products or services rendered.

  3. Exceptionally good.

Synonyms of Outstanding

To be done, Undone, Not done, Neglected, Omitted, Unattended to, Unfinished, Incomplete, Left, Remaining, Pending, Ongoing, Excellent, Marvellous, Magnificent, Superb, Fine, Wonderful, Superlative, Exceptional, Formidable, First-class, First-rate, Virtuoso, Skilful, Masterful, Masterly, A cut above, Above, Ahead, Appalling, Apparent, Arrant, Arresting, Ascendant, Astonishing, Back, Better, Blatant, Bold, Capital, Capping, Celebrated, Choice, Chosen, Consequential, Conspicuous, Cortical, Distinguished, Dominant, Due, Eclipsing, Egregious, Eminent, Emissile, Epidermic, Esteemed, Estimable, Exceeding, Excellent, Excelling, Exceptional, Excrescent, Excrescential, Exomorphic, Exterior, External, Extraordinary, Extrinsic, Extruding, Fabulous, Famed, Famous, Fantastic, Finer, First-class, First-rate, Flagrant, Formidable, Fringe, Glaring, Greater, Hanging out, Higher, Important, In arrear, In arrears, In ascendancy, In relief, In the ascendant, In the foreground, In the limelight, Incredible, Jutting, Left, Leftover, Magnificent, Main, Major, Marked, Marvelous, Mature, Memorable, Net, Noble, Notable, Noted, Noteworthy, Noticeable, Notorious, Obtrusive, Odd, Of choice, Of mark, One up on, Open, Ostensible, Out, Outer, Outermost, Outlying, Outmost, Outside, Outward, Outward-facing, Over, Overdue, Owed, Owing, Payable, Peripheral, Predominant, Preeminent, Prestigious, Principal, Prognathous, Projecting, Prominent, Pronounced, Protrudent, Protruding, Protrusile, Protrusive, Protuberant, Protuberating, Public, Rare, Receivable, Redeemable, Remaining, Remanent, Remarkable, Rememberable, Renowned, Reputable, Rivaling, Roundabout, Salient, Seeming, Sensational, Signal, Significant, Smashing, Spare, Special, Star, Staring, Stark-staring, Stellar, Sticking out, Striking, Super, Superb, Superexcellent, Superficial, Superfluous, Superior, Superlative, Surface, Surpassing, Surplus, Surviving, Telling, To spare, To the front, Topping, Transcendent, Transcendental, Transcending, Uncommon, Unconsumed, Unforgettable, Unpaid, Unresolved, Unsettled, Unused, Upper, Wonderful

How to use Outstanding in a sentence?

  1. The teams outstanding performance.
  2. How much work is still outstanding?.

Meaning of Outstanding & Outstanding Definition