Outstanding Reimbursements

Outstanding Reimbursements,

Outstanding Reimbursements: What is the Meaning of Outstanding Reimbursements?

  1. Includes unregistered payments (cash tickets and purchases) and transit coupons.

Literal Meanings of Outstanding Reimbursements


Meanings of Outstanding:
  1. Not paid, terminated or processed.

Sentences of Outstanding
  1. Excellent performance equipment

  2. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Synonyms of Outstanding

extraordinary, neat, capital, swell, stellar, celebrated, to be done, in the red, distinguished, historic, undone, sensational, due, tremendous, owed, fine, first-rate, keen, first-class, not done, important, memorable, boss, owing, fab, ongoing, pending, fantastic


Meanings of Reimbursements:
  1. Payment to someone who has spent or lost money.

Sentences of Reimbursements
  1. Continuous medical compensation.