Outstanding Checks

Outstanding Checks,

What is Outstanding Checks?

A check issued by you which has not been presented by the bank.

Literal Meanings of Outstanding Checks


Meanings of Outstanding:
  1. very well.

  2. Pay the rest, do or do.

Sentences of Outstanding
  1. Excellent performance equipment

  2. How many jobs are left?

Synonyms of Outstanding

masterly, ongoing, not done, virtuoso, omitted, exceptional, pending, unattended to, undone, excellent, formidable, to be done, left, wonderful, skilful, superb, neglected, superlative, masterful, unfinished, magnificent, marvellous, first-class, remaining, first-rate, fine, incomplete


Meanings of Checks:
  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or the existence of an object.

  2. Obstacles or delays in progress (anything, usually something undesirable)

  3. (Passenger) leaves (luggage) in the care of his traveling carrier.

  4. Click or click (box) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. Move the pawn or infantry to the point of attack (King of the Opposition)

  6. (In poker) does not choose to bet if asked and allows other players to do so.

  7. Take a break (for dog hunting) to confirm or find the scent

  8. Investigations to check or verify accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  9. Stop or postpone permanently.

  10. A move in which a chariot or infantrymen directly attacked the opposing king and paired the king.

  11. Restaurant bill

  12. Leave identification for goods.

  13. Counters are used as a bet on the game of chance.

  14. Another term for tick (1 meaning of the name)

  15. The part of the piano that takes the hammer and prevents it from touching the strings.

Sentences of Checks
  1. Customs officials have the right to inspect all goods.

  2. Several attempts were made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass.

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents them from sharing their files.

  5. Move the horse forward to regain control of my king

  6. Each player can check, bet, call or extend as usual and bet the required amount for each card they hold.

  7. Campaign that requires regular checks on gas appliances

  8. Nothing stops the market from expanding

Synonyms of Checks

look at, examine, inquiry, stop, scan, cut short, halt, analysis, arrest, probe, dissection, look over, survey, inspection, scrutinize, perusal, examination, inspect, scrutiny, scrutinization