Outright Futures Position

Outright Futures Position,

Definition of Outright Futures Position:

  • Forward positions are long or short transactions that are not against market risk. There are both potential benefits and potential risks to the designated positions compared to the covered or covered positions. Permanent positions are isolated positions and are not part of any large or complex company.

    • Closed futures positions on futures contracts are unilateral betting positions and are not part of any larger or more complex strategy.
    • Fixed positions pose more risk to traders than covered positions, although fixed positions are theoretically more profitable.
    • If a safe position or counter position is added to a fixed position, it is no longer a fixed position, but a safe or partially protected position.

Literal Meanings of Outright Futures Position


Meanings of Outright:
  1. in short. , completely.

  2. Coming soon.

  3. Open and straight, not hidden.

Sentences of Outright
  1. Registration is strictly prohibited.

  2. As a result, four horses died instantly

  3. Explicit rejection

Synonyms of Outright

positive, without reservation, simple, stark, entirely, immediately, categorically, then and there, there and then, unconditional, unequivocal, without exception, wholly, undeniable, consummate, completely, rank, wholesale, thoroughgoing, unrestricted, straight away, on the spot


Meanings of Futures:
  1. The time after speaking or writing is considered to be near.

  2. Agreements of assets (including goods or shares) that are purchased at a fixed price, but are then supplied and paid for.

  3. At some point in the future, it may or may not exist.

Sentences of Futures
  1. We intend to marry Caesar soon

  2. This includes buying and selling futures or options on stocks, bonds or currencies.

Synonyms of Futures

time ahead, subsequent, time to come, to come, upcoming, following, later, succeeding, ensuing, coming


Meanings of Position:
  1. Place (someone or something) in a special place or in a special way or arrange it.

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  4. A situation or a set of circumstances, especially a situation that affects your ability to act.

  5. A person's point of view or attitude about something.

  6. At any given time, an investor has liquid assets in one or more markets. The contract opens as an individual distributor or entity.

  7. An established or endorsed proposition of a principle or statement.

Sentences of Position
  1. He took out a chair and placed it between the two

  2. An emergency call announced the plane's position

  3. lie down

  4. Serious financial situation of the company

  5. I will never accept your position on censorship.

  6. Merchants protect short positions

  7. The first is that mutual suspicions can be easily avoided if doubts are expressed a little more carefully.

Synonyms of Position

setting, put, situation, attitude, claim, approach, policy, station, locale, state of affairs, ideas, point of view, spot, angle, feelings, point, allegation, way of thinking, circumstances, sentiments, set of circumstances, plea, standpoint, thinking, area, thoughts, viewpoint, submission, state