Definition of Output:

  1. Calculation: The result produced by a computer that is internal to the system (one program or another from another program) or external (from program or process to output device), but internal output device (modem, monitor, printer) , Etc.).

  2. The amount of something that a person, machine or industry produces.

  3. The amount of energy, labor, goods or services produced by a machine, factory, company or individual over a period of time.

  4. Contract: The desired outcome of a project or business.

  5. A place where electricity or information comes from a system.

  6. Create, transfer, or transmit (data) using a computer or other device.

Synonyms of Output

Quantity produced, Gross, Multiple messages, Profits, Single messages, Assembler, Visible-speech data, Message, Box office, Gross domestic product, Commands, Manufacture, Dividend, Turnout, Second crop, Product, Gain, Computer program, Correcting signals, Net, Receipt, Throughput, Unearned income, Proceeds, Bearing, Binary scale, Commissions, Result, Takings, Take-in, Machine language, Revenue, Harvest, Alphanumeric code, Compiler, Dividends, Hexadecimal system, Unorganized data, Yield, Octal system, Accomplishment, Instructions, Signals, Play, Gate receipts, Bumper crop, COBOL, Volume, Reference quantity, Fruit, Profit, FORTRAN, Computer language, Yield, Random data, Amount produced, Return, Get, Solutions, Gross receipts, Input quantity, Earned income, Binary digit, Take, Harvest, Crop, Controlled quantity, Generate, Input data, Error signals, Income, Produce, Output data, Credit, Production, Vintage, Polar data, Intake, Oscillograph data, Product, Noise, Binary system, Efficiency, Alphabetic data, Film data, Achievement, Avails, Rectangular data, Disposable income, Information, Earnings, Error, Out-turn, Computer code, Make, Productivity, Returns, Aftermath, Bit, Bug, Receipts, Net receipts, ALGOL, Byte, Net income, Numeric data, Put out, Control signals, Achievement, Gross income, Credits, Receivables, Gains, Create, Data, Punch-card data, Ruly English, Gross national product, Feedback pulses, Output quantity, Royalties, Gate, Feedback signals, Command pulses, Angular data, Achieve, Production

How to use Output in a sentence?

  1. The company's productivity levels are declining as they try to reduce the working hours of their employees. They don't have the energy to keep up.
  2. Efficiency can lead to higher profits.
  3. When deciding which workers are eligible for promotion or promotion, make a choice that is right for you.
  4. The rear is standard and has jumpers with analog and digital audio outputs, power connections and interfaces and pins.
  5. You can send photos directly to the video recording system.
  6. We prioritize measuring our productivity on a daily basis to better understand the productivity, efficiency and long-term profitability of our business.

Meaning of Output & Output Definition