Definition of Outplacement:

  1. The provision of assistance to laid-off employees in finding new employment, either as a benefit provided by the employer directly, or through a specialist service.

  2. The process of a company assisting recently terminated employees with searching for other employment opportunities. Some of these companies work with particular outplacement agencies that locate news jobs for the laid off employees. Outplacement services are typically only provided for a certain amount of time and are not required to be offered by the company. Outplacements services are paid for by the downsizing company.

  3. Outplacement is any service that assists a departing employee with obtaining a new job or transitioning to a new career. Access to outplacement services is offered by some employers as an employee benefit for their staff. Outplacement services can be beneficial for all parties monetarily, professionally, and emotionally and, more often than not, ensure a peaceful end to a working relationship.

  4. No one likes to be fired or laid off from a job or to deliver the news to someone else, but going above and beyond a severance package by providing outplacement services can help both parties through an often-rough transition.

How to use Outplacement in a sentence?

  1. Outplacement is a service that helps a terminated employee with the transition to a new job, which can include resume writing, job search, and job coaching.
  2. Outplacement can can have benefits and costs for both employers and employees, as a part of the total compensation cost of a company's labor force.
  3. Outplacement can reduce stress and turmoil for transitioning employees and mitigate risk for the employer.
  4. Even in a buoyant jobs market departing employees will view outplacement counselling as an opportunity to enhance their employability.

Meaning of Outplacement & Outplacement Definition


How Do You Define Outplacement?

  • Change is a service that helps employees who are leaving a new job or entering a new career. Some employers offer their employees access to workplace services as an employment benefit. Job placement services can benefit all parties financially, professionally and emotionally and, in most cases, guarantee a peaceful end to the employment relationship.

    • Migration is a service that helps transfer a dismissed employee to a new job. This includes resume writing, job search and vocational training.
    • This change can have benefits and costs for both the employer and the employee, as part of the company's total compensation costs.
    • Change can reduce stress and disruption for employees and reduce risks for employers.

  • Meaning of Outplacement: Some types of employer assistance for fired workers. Removal is offered by companies that specialize in providing these services. This includes helping former employees re-experience and write letters, evaluating their career goals, identifying jobs and employers who may apply for their services and prepare for interviews. In addition to providing on-the-job employment assistance, many court officials believe that providing job-related services for dismissal reduces the likelihood that the dismissed worker will take legal action to dismiss the worker. ۔ Former Employees Therefore, most claims by professional compensation insurance companies (EPLIs) involve the question of whether the applicant employer offers relocation services for laid off workers, which is a positive factor in insuring. Sees as

  • The services of former employers who are laid off will help them find new jobs.

Meanings of Outplacement

  1. In the search for jobs, either for the direct benefit of the employer or through special services, the help of the workers became useless.

Sentences of Outplacement

  1. Even in the busy job market, employees see re-employment advice as an opportunity to improve their job.