Definition of Outpatient:

  1. A patient who receives medical treatment without being admitted to a hospital.

  2. A patient who does not reside in or have a bed in the hospital where he or she receives treatment.

Synonyms of Outpatient

Sick person, Case, Sufferer, Victim, Apoplectic, Arthritic, Case, Consumptive, Dyspeptic, Epileptic, Incurable, Inpatient, Invalid, Patient, Rheumatic, Shut-in, Sick person, Spastic, Sufferer, Terminal case, The sick, Valetudinarian

How to use Outpatient in a sentence?

  1. Attending a clinic as an outpatient.

Meaning of Outpatient & Outpatient Definition


Outpatient Meanings:

  • Outpatient refers to The term is used for a patient who was admitted to a medical facility but was not admitted to the facility overnight or for 24 hours or less. The term can also refer to the health services patients receive.

  • Meaning of Outpatient: A person (patient) who receives outpatient medical care (for example, surgery), that is, who does not stay overnight in a hospital or hospital facility. Many insurers have listed tests and procedures (including surgery) that are only covered (paid) if performed on an outpatient basis only. The term outpatient is also used to describe an outpatient as a health unit where an intervention is performed.

Meanings of Outpatient

  1. The patient receives medical care without being admitted to the hospital.

Sentences of Outpatient

  1. Get in the ambulance


What is The Definition of Outpatient?

  1. The definition of Outpatient is: A patient seeking medical attention at a clinic or hospital, but is not admitted overnight.