Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient Surgery,

What is Outpatient Surgery?

  • Meaning of Outpatient Surgery: Outpatient surgery is usually a surgery that does not require a hospital stay.

Literal Meanings of Outpatient Surgery


Meanings of Outpatient:
  1. Patients receive medical care without being hospitalized.

Sentences of Outpatient
  1. Get in the ambulance

Synonyms of Outpatient

sick person, sufferer, victim, case


Meanings of Surgery:
  1. A branch of medical practice that treats injuries, illnesses, and disorders by removing, repairing, or adjusting organs and tissues is usually an incision in the body.

  2. A place where a doctor, dentist or other medical professional treats or advises a patient.

Sentences of Surgery
  1. Cardiac surgery

  2. Literature will be available in libraries, general clinics, hospitals and dentists.

Synonyms of Surgery

ministrations, therapy, polyclinic, medical care, nursing, care, medical attention, health centre, medical centre, doctor's, surgery, outpatients' department