Definition of Outlay:

  1. Accounting: Total cost or expenditure required or incurred in acquiring an asset, achieving an objective, or executing a decision. Thus, outlay on a machine would include its purchase price and taxes, delivery charges, and installation and set up costs.

  2. Economics: Sum of total cost and opportunity cost.

  3. An amount of money spent on something.

Synonyms of Outlay

Expenditure, Expenses, Spending, Outgoings, Money spent, Cost, Price, Charge, Payment, Disbursement, Investment, Injection of capital, Budget, Cost, Cost out, Disburse, Disbursement, Expend, Expenditure, Expense, Fork out, Give, Go through, Incur costs, Invest, Lay out, Money going out, Open the purse, Outflow, Outgo, Outgoings, Pay, Pay out, Payment, Put out, Run through, Schedule, Shell out, Sink money in, Spend, Spending, Spendings, Splurge, Squander, Throw money around

How to use Outlay in a sentence?

  1. You need to know what the total outlay for a project will be so you can figure out if it will be worth attempting.
  2. You must know what the total outlay of a new project will be before you get started to budget correctly.
  3. The outlay was less than we were expecting so this was great news to the vice president who decreased the budget.
  4. A modest outlay on local advertising.

Meaning of Outlay & Outlay Definition