Definition of Outlay:

  1. Accounting: The total cost or expenses required to acquire an asset, achieve a goal, or make a decision. Therefore, the cost of the machine includes the purchase price and taxes, shipping costs and installation and configuration costs.

  2. Economic Aspects: Total Cost and Opportunity Cost.

  3. An amount spent on something.

Synonyms of Outlay

Payment, Budget, Go through, Injection of capital, Money going out, Schedule, Invest, Disbursement, Money spent, Run through, Outgoings, Put out, Shell out, Expenditure, Expend, Cost, Disbursement, Outgo, Spend, Expenditure, Splurge, Outgoings, Charge, Spending, Expenses, Lay out, Cost out, Incur costs, Throw money around, Fork out, Payment, Spendings, Open the purse, Spending, Disburse, Investment, Sink money in, Price, Expense, Cost, Outflow, Pay out, Pay, Give, Squander

How to use Outlay in a sentence?

  1. To know the total number of a project, you need to know if it is worth a try.
  2. Before you start budgeting properly, you need to know the total cost of a new project.
  3. Expenditure was lower than we expected, so there is good news for the vice president who is cutting the budget.
  4. Convenient cost of local advertising.

Meaning of Outlay & Outlay Definition



  • The total amount spent to purchase assets or start a project, including fees, taxes, shipping costs, etc.

Meanings of Outlay

  1. An amount spent on something.

Sentences of Outlay

  1. Easy shopping for local ads