Outcome Bias

Outcome Bias,

What Does Outcome Bias Mean?

A simple definition of Outcome Bias is: Outcome bias occurs when decisions are based on the outcome of past events, regardless of how past events developed. Outcome bias does not mean analyzing the causes of past events, but rather minimizing pre-outcome events and giving more importance to outcomes. Unlike previous distortions, the result of distortion does not mean distortion of past events.

Literal Meanings of Outcome Bias


Meanings of Outcome:
  1. The way things change.

Sentences of Outcome
  1. Intelligence reporting is showing how different results can come from the same phenomenon.

  2. As a result, many strokes and their consequences can be prevented.

  3. We don't know what the outcome will be, but if it works, it will pay off.

  4. One of the consequences of trauma is short-term and sometimes long-term memory impairment.

  5. Therefore, we do not study the effect of drugs on moderate outcomes, such as helminth infections.

  6. These are not the only weapons we can use to influence results.

Synonyms of Outcome

offshoot, conclusion, product, wake, net result, end result, denouement, issue, aftermath, sequel, after-effect, end, upshot, effect, consequence, follow-up, outgrowth, end product, development


Meanings of Bias:
  1. Prejudice against or against another person for something, individual or group, usually in a way that is considered unfair.

  2. Concentration or interest in a particular field or topic.

  3. Regular bias of statistical results due to factors that did not take into account this shortfall.

  4. In some sports, such as bowling, the ball has an irregular shape.

  5. Due to its irregular shape, the ball moves on a sloping path.

  6. Stable voltage, magnetic field or other factors are applied to a system or electronic device to operate it within the default range.

  7. That inclination or prejudice is felt or demonstrated for or against someone.

  8. Admit prejudice.

  9. Cut at an angle or diagonal to the direction of the thread (from the fabric or fabric).

Sentences of Bias
  1. Youth bias in recruitment

  2. Organized bias in favor of the decision

  3. Are there prejudices and prejudices against the plaintiff by both the court judge and the majority judge?

  4. There is also a bias in favor of aspirin.

  5. In an article in today's newspaper, government transport advisers vehemently deny allegations of unfair bias in favor of London and the South East.

  6. Government bodyguards are conducting a thorough investigation into racial discrimination against their own ethnic minority officials.

  7. In addition, the tendency to publish studies that have no effect may limit our ability to identify features associated with dysfunctional systems.

  8. Most of the senators I have worked with are not racist or prejudiced.

  9. He does this with good politics, hard work and perseverance, and despite the media's bias towards his opponents.

  10. The case was handled by a social worker outside the district, so that no final conclusions could be drawn about the bias in favor of either party.

  11. If a big country gets a partnership with small states in the world, big countries are ready to accept some deviation of power which benefits small nations.

Synonyms of Bias

favouritism, colour, partisan, blinkered, one-sidedness, influence, partiality, unfairness, sway, weight, one-sided, predispose, partisanship, subjective, partial