Outdoor advertising, also known as outdoor advertising, is intended to reach consumers when they are not at home. Examples are billboards, bus shelters and traditional shop signs.

OOH is advertising that reaches consumers when they are away from home and includes advertisements on billboards, buses, store catalogs, etc.

Literal Meanings of Out-of-home


Meanings of Out:
  1. Means of exit, escape, postponement, etc.

  2. A condition under which a member of the batting team is removed from play due to the application of various Laws, such as:.

  3. A disqualification is a condition in which a member of the batting team ends his at bat due to the application of different rules of the game, e.g. B. when the pitcher touches the batsman's wicket with the ball.

  4. A card that can make a winning hand.

  5. Travel Travel.

  6. (usually plural) One who is absent, especially one who is off his post.

  7. A place or space outside something, a or corner protruding from an open space.

  8. The word or words omitted by the composer during the performance duplicates the omission.

  9. Remove to clean.

  10. Show yourself (the person) as LGBT+ (■■■, trans, etc.).

  11. Reveal (to a person or organization) that you have a secret, such as B. as a secret agent or undercover detective.

  12. Reveal (mystery).

  13. Enter or exit or exit to be public or obvious.

  14. Not at home, not in the office, not at work.

  15. Nothing nothing.

  16. Released from custody or secrecy.

  17. It doesn't add or insert anything.

  18. A ball or other playing instrument that has fallen or flies away from the field of play.

  19. Posted, available for purchase, download or other use.

  20. (in various games, especially as a batsman or batsman in cricket or baseball) Disqualified from playing by the Laws of the Game.

  21. Openly state that you are LGBT+ (■■■, transgender, etc.).

  22. (by extension) Openly, publicly respecting, or openly acknowledging one's (usually stated) identity.

  23. (of flowers) In bloom.

  24. (sun, moon or stars) Visible in the sky, not obscured by clouds.

  25. (Lamps, fire, etc.) Does not ignite or burn.

  26. (Ideas, blueprints, etc.) Can no longer be thrown away.

  27. (from a specific service, device or institution) Not available outside office hours.

  28. (about the user of the service) Not about the availability of a service, such as B. electricity or communication, but yes.

  29. (organizations, etc.) Temporarily out of service or out of normal use.

  30. From a tide at or near its lowest point.

  31. It is no longer popular or fashionable.

  32. Have no more or have no more.

  33. (of calculations or measurements) contain errors or deviations in the stated quantity.

  34. As a young woman: she was born and cared for.

  35. Far from the interior, the center or any other point of reference.

  36. Away from home or your usual place.

  37. Outside not inside.

  38. Far, not far.

  39. In a state of inactivity in non-existence.

  40. All the way to the end.

  41. It is used to enhance or emphasize.

  42. (suns, moons, stars, etc.) Be visible in the sky and not obscured by clouds, fog, etc.

  43. A player disqualified from the next match due to the actions of a member of the opposing team (eg cricket confusion).

  44. (Procedure Word) A radio procedure word indicating that the station has completed transmission and is not waiting for a response.

  45. Going out!.

Sentences of Out
  1. They wrote the law to give these organizations an outlet.

  2. The Brazilian company has presented a new design for a mobile phone.

  3. I'm sorry, Mr. Smith isn't home at the moment.

  4. I worked cleaning Ubend until all the dirt was gone.

  5. My secret is known.

  6. The TV does not work with the plug!.

  7. I thought the ball hit the line, but the umpire said no.

  8. You listened? Your latest CD is here!.

  9. He hits, Johnson pushes him... and... Johnson is out! Taken by Ponsonby!.

  10. It's normal to be in the entertainment industry.

  11. The garden is beautiful now that the roses have wilted.

  12. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.

  13. I called home, but all the lights were out and no one was home.

  14. It's good to have ideas. Let's go to the next one.

  15. My WiFi is broken.

  16. Power was restored to most of the city yesterday, but my area is still out.

  17. When he finished school for today, when he finished school in the summer.

  18. At low tide you can walk to the island.

  19. is irrelevant this season. The new is white.

  20. Do you have bread? Sorry, get out.

  21. Nothing sticks to this report. All these songs are out.

  22. The tide goes out at six and comes back at six.

  23. Let's eat tonight.

  24. Tonight we slept under the stars.

  25. Stay out!.

  26. I drew this stain on the wall.

  27. I have not finished yet. Listen to me.

  28. The place was decorated for the party.

  29. After the rain, the sun came out and we saw a rainbow.

  30. Wilson was eliminated by five points.

  31. Devastation. Two T72s destroyed. Movable three feet down. Outdoors.


Sentences of Of
  1. Thanks for accepting me!.


Meanings of Home:
  1. Department.

  2. Their home country is the place or country where a person lives, the place where their ancestors live or lived.

  3. A place where something usually occurs or was first discovered, or where there is a natural habitat.

  4. (of animals) Back to the owner.

  5. (always on) Search or fight for something.

  6. Belonging to the country of residence or home country, and not that of another, because the house creates homely comfort.

  7. (except sentences) Which touches directly, punctually.

  8. Personal, intimate.

  9. As for the host team (the team in which the match is played).

  10. At the place of residence or at the place of their habitual or official residence.

  11. In a full and intimate degree to the point, complete and direct.

  12. For.

  13. In vertical, correct or retracted position.

  14. The folder that contains the user files.

Sentences of Home
  1. Pine house.

  2. The dog went home.

  3. The missile could go in the direction of the target.

  4. Field, home advantage, home fans.

  5. Everyone was watching the game, nobody was home.

  6. Original candles with liner.