Other Comprehensive Basis Of Accounting (OCBOA)

Other Comprehensive Basis Of Accounting (OCBOA),

Other Comprehensive Basis Of Accounting (OCBOA) means,

  • Definition of Other Comprehensive Basis Of Accounting (OCBOA): Other Comprehensive Accounting Bases (OCBOAs) include financial statements prepared using a non-GAAP accounting system, the most common of which are taxable statements and financial statements. Other Comprehensive Accounting Base Systems (OCBOAs) include basic legal accounting principles, such as those used by insurance companies to comply with state insurance commission rules, as well as financial statement standards that are well supported by popular literature. Is available

    • The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is a method of preparing financial statements based on the principles issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). US public companies must comply with GAAP.
    • The Other Comprehensive Accounting Base (OCBOA) is a non-GAAP accounting protocol used to prepare annual financial statements.
    • Examples of OCBOA are income tax accounting, cash accounting and modified cash accounting.
    • Claims made under OCBOA are easier to analyze than claims made under GAAP and often cost more to make.
    • OCBOA does not require a cash flow statement as compared to GAAP and it is assumed that there is insufficient information.

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