Oswaldo Catalano

Oswaldo Catalano

Osvaldo Catalano School, info?

Look, another school made you a school. Because it's too bad ...

The periods are: morning, morning and night

By subway, you don't have to get on the bus.

Leave your metro to speed up Boulevard

At the main entrance below, you follow Salim Farah Malouf, don't challenge him or her. Results

When checking in at the Jalan Flyp Kumar gas station or visiting the school.

I don't know if this is a school secretary

There is no professional.

Don't look at my studies well, I have friends who don't study from elementary to less modern.

My brother also stole another day's class from there or took his mobile phone from him.

I advised, ... My Catalan is better than Catalan ... Try Rice Assandino, Joe Borges, no ETEC or Federal ... good AR difference =)

Oswaldo Catalano