Definition of Oscillation:

  1. Regular variation in magnitude or position around a central point.

  2. Movement back and forth at a regular speed.

  3. One complete cycle of repetitive to and fro motion, from one extreme (maximum or minimum) to another (minimum or maximum) and back.

Synonyms of Oscillation

Swinging, Swing, Swaying, Swinging from side to side, Swinging backwards and forwards, Swinging back and forth, Swinging to and fro, Vibration, Alternation, Beat, Cyclicalness, Equivocation, Fluctuation, Intermittence, Intermittency, Meter, Pendulation, Pendulum motion, Periodicalness, Periodicity, Piston motion, Pulsation, Reappearance, Recurrence, Regular wave motion, Reoccurrence, Return, Rhythm, Seasonality, Seesawing, Shifting, Shilly-shally, Shilly-shallying, Shuffling, Teeter-tottering, Teetering, Tottering, Undulation, Vacillation, Variation, Vicissitude, Wavering, Wobbling

How to use Oscillation in a sentence?

  1. There are many component failures in the transceiver which might produce the right amount of gain change for oscillations.
  2. The natural oscillation of a spring.

Meaning of Oscillation & Oscillation Definition