Oscar Mike Meaning

Oscar Mike Meaning

What is Oscar Mike?

There are three teams in the second round. Iceman Colbert is leading Team 1, so when he says Hitman to One, it means ad: vo company, second platoon, team 1. It's easy: battalion (first rack), company (vo) , Platoon (2), team 1).

Oscar Mike

To move

I don't think Hitman Two means hmmwv. This is a call sign, the name of the religious company and Victor = V means only vehicle, so Hitman 1 will be the name of the company and the number 1 will be the number of a specific vehicle or a number for a specific person. All vehicles have a battalion, company and vehicle number. In the military service, my car was number 45 and I was a Co. Was with Guerreiros. So if anyone wants to contact me, I would say soldier four and five.

It means to change.

Another thing about two Victors. The acronym is HMMWV (HitMan = HM two = M Victor = V). I don't know why you left W here. The code may be too long.

Oscar Mike means in your way.

This is from On the Move to OM, this is Oscar Mike from NATO Pnetik.

Oscar Mike Meaning