Definition of Originator:

  1. A person who creates or initiates something.

  2. A company that underwrites loans for commercial and/or multi-family properties.

Synonyms of Originator

Agent, Ancestors, Apprentice, Architect, Artificer, Artist, Author, Begetter, Beginner, Builder, Catalyst, Causer, Conceiver, Constructor, Craftsman, Creator, Designer, Deviser, Discoverer, Effector, Engenderer, Engineer, Executor, Executrix, Father, Founder, Generator, Grower, Inaugurator, Industrialist, Initiator, Inspirer, Instigator, Institutor, Introducer, Inventor, Journeyman, Maker, Manufacturer, Master, Master craftsman, Mother, Mover, Organizer, Original, Parent, Past master, Patriarch, Planner, Precursor, Prime mover, Primum mobile, Producer, Raiser, Realizer, Shaper, Sire, Smith, Wright, Inventor, Creator, Architect, Author, Prime mover, Father, Mother, Maker, Initiator, Innovator, Founder, Pioneer, Mastermind, Discoverer, Establisher, Developer, Designer

How to use Originator in a sentence?

  1. Wegener was the originator of the theory of continental drift.

Meaning of Originator & Originator Definition