Definition of Original:

  1. Not only new but the very first or one of a kind. Original implies genuine but (unlike new) not necessarily unused, and (unlike novel) not necessarily imaginative..

  2. An eccentric or unusual person.

  3. Present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.

  4. Signed (executed) and, usually, stamped official document which may be reproduced as facsimiles. An original document can exist as two or more copies, each one of them marked original and having equal legal force.

  5. Not dependent on other peoples ideas; inventive and unusual.

  6. Something serving as a model or basis for imitations or copies.

  7. Created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation.

Synonyms of Original

Authentic, Genuine, Actual, Real, True, Bona fide, Veritable, Not copied, Archetypal, Prototypical, Master, Indigenous, Native, Aboriginal, Original, Archetype, Prototype, Innovative, Creative, Imaginative, Innovatory, Innovational, Inventive, Ingenious, Individualist, Individual, Eccentric, Nonconformist, Free spirit, Bohemian, Rare bird, Maverick, Oddity, Bohemian, Ab ovo, Abecedarian, Aboriginal, Actual, Advanced, Alien, Antenatal, Antetype, Antitype, Archetypal, Archetype, Article, Authentic, Autochthonous, Autograph, Avant-garde, Basal, Basic, Basilar, Beat, Beatnik, Beginning, Biotype, Bona fide, Brainchild, Breakaway, Budding, Callow, Candid, Card, Card-carrying, Case, Central, Character, Classic example, Commencement, Composition, Computer printout, Conception, Conceptive, Conceptual, Constituent, Constitutive, Copy, Crackpot, Crank, Creative, Criterion, Crucial, Demiurgic, Derivation, Deviant, Dewy, Different, Dinkum, Dissenter, Document, Draft, Dropout, Duck, Earliest, Eccentric, Edited version, Elemental, Elementary, Embryonic, Endemic, Engrossment, Epitome, Esemplastic, Essay, Essential, Ever-new, Evergreen, Exploratory, Extra, Fair copy, Fanatic, Far out, Fecund, Fertile, Fetal, Fiction, Final draft, Finished version, First, First draft, Firsthand, Fledgling, Flimsy, Flower child, Following the letter, Forerunner, Formative, Foundational, Freak, Free and easy, Fresh, Fringy, Fugleman, Fugler, Fundamental, Generative, Genesis, Genetic, Genotype, Genuine, Germinal, Gestatory, Good, Grass roots, Green, Gut, Head, Held back, Held in reserve, Held out, Heretic, Heretical, Hermit, Heterodox, Hippie, Hobo, Holograph, Homebred, Homegrown, Honest, Honest-to-God, Ideational, Ideative, Imaginative, Imitatee, Immature, In abeyance, In embryo, In hand, In its infancy, In ovo, In the bud, Inartificial, Inaugural, Inception, Inceptive, Inchoate, Inchoative, Incipient, Incunabular, Indigenous, Individualist, Infant, Infantile, Informal, Ingenious, Initial, Initiative, Initiatory, Innovation, Innovational, Innovative, Inspired, Intact, Introducer, Introductory, Inventive, Inventor, Kinky, Kook, Lawful, Lead, Legitimate, Letter, Lifelike, Literae scriptae, Literal, Literary artefact, Literary production, Literature, Lone wolf, Loner, Lucubration, Maiden, Maidenly, Manuscript, Master, Material, Matter, Maverick, Meshuggenah, Mint, Mirror, Misfit, Model, Mother, Nascent, Natal, Native, Native-born, Natural, Naturalistic, Neoteric, Nestling, New, New departure, Nonconformist, Nonfiction, Nonjuror, Not cricket, Not done, Not kosher, Notional, Novel, Nut, Odd fellow, Oddball, Oddity, Of the essence, Offbeat, Opus, Origin, Origination, Originative, Originator, Outsider, Paper, Paradigm, Parchment, Pariah, Parturient, Pattern, Penscript, Piece, Piece of writing, Pilot model, Pioneer, Play, Poem, Postnatal, Precedent, Preceding, Precursor, Pregnant, Preliminary, Prenatal, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primeval, Primitive, Primogenial, Primordial, Printed matter, Printout, Pristine, Procreative, Production, Productive, Prolific, Protogenic, Prototypal, Prototype, Prototypical, Provenience, Pure, Put aside, Put by, Queer duck, Queer fish, Queer specimen, Quiz, Radical, Radix, Rara avis, Raw, Reading matter, Real, Realistic, Recension, Representative, Reproduction, Reserve, Revolutionary, Rightful, Rise, Root, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Rule, Saved, Screed, Screwball, Scrip, Script, Scrive, Scroll, Second draft, Sectarian, Sectary, Seminal, Sempervirent, Shaping, Simon-pure, Simple, Sincere, Solitary, Source, Spare, Spook, Standard, Starting, Stem, Sterling, Stock, Stored, Strange, Substantial, Substantive, Sure-enough, Suspended, Swinger, Taproot, Teeming, The written word, To spare, Tramp, Transcript, Transcription, True, True to life, True to nature, True to reality, Type, Type species, Type specimen, Typescript, Ugly duckling, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unapplied, Unassumed, Unassuming, Unbeaten, Uncolored, Uncommon, Unconcocted, Unconformist, Unconsumed, Unconventional, Uncopied, Uncounterfeited, Underived, Underlying, Undeveloped, Undisguised, Undisguising, Undistorted, Unemployed, Unexaggerated, Unexercised, Unexpended, Unfabricated, Unfamiliar, Unfanciful, Unfashionable, Unfeigned, Unfeigning, Unfictitious, Unflattering, Unfledged, Unhandled, Unheard-of, Unimagined, Unimitated, Uninvented, Unique, Unorthodox, Unprecedented, Unpretended, Unpretending, Unqualified, Unromantic, Unsimulated, Unspecious, Unspent, Unsynthetic, Untapped, Untouched, Untried, Untrodden, Unused, Unusual, Unutilized, Unvarnished, Ur, Urtext, Verbal, Verbatim, Veridical, Verisimilar, Vernacular, Vernal, Version, Virgin, Virginal, Visioned, Waived, Way out, Word-for-word, Work, Writing, Yippie, Young, Zealot

How to use Original in a sentence?

  1. The prototype for the new kids toy was very original and the boss thought all the kids would love it this Christmas.
  2. A subtle and original thinker.
  3. When trying to decide what to do for a new product try to be original and think outside of the box.
  4. The original owner of the house.
  5. The portrait may be a copy of the original.
  6. Original Rembrandts.
  7. In compliance to human resource regulations, new employees must submit original documentation stating their citizenship status and availability to work.
  8. He was one of the true originals.

Meaning of Original & Original Definition