Original Issue Discount (OID)

Original Issue Discount (OID),

What Does Original Issue Discount (OID) Mean?

  1. Meaning of Original Issue Discount (OID): The initial issue of the Original Issue Discount (OID) is a reduction in the value of the face of security on the initial issue of another loan instrument. These securities can be issued at a price below their value, which is called a discount. OID is the amount of the discount, or the difference between the actual face value and the price paid for security.

    • Original Issue Discount (OID) is the difference between the actual cost price and the discount paid for security.
    • There are potential benefits of OID bonds as investors can buy these bonds at less than their face value.
    • Discounted OID bonds may indicate that the issuer is in financial trouble and is likely to default.

  2. Original Issue Discount (OID) definition is: Interest-free purchase discounts on certain securities (and similar securities). For example: a title without a coupon. OIDs are generally treated as interest-bearing income by their owners, rather than as a source of capital.

  3. The total value of the securities is higher than the issue price. A portion of taxable securities must be reported each year as taxable interest income that owns your security.

  4. Definition of Original Issue Discount (OID): Face value discount on securities. The most extreme version of OID is coupon bonds that are initially sold at below face value and do not pay interest until maturity.

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