Original Insurer

Original Insurer,

What is Original Insurer?

  1. The insurer that issues the policy to the insurer. It can also be called a holding company, a direct company or a shell company.

Literal Meanings of Original Insurer


Meanings of Original:
  1. Anything that serves as a model or basis for imitation or copying.

  2. An eccentric or unusual person.

  3. Exists or exists from the very beginning.

  4. Created directly and personally by a particular artist, not by imitation or imitation.

  5. It does not depend on other people's innovative and unusual ideas.

Sentences of Original
  1. The portrait may be a copy of the original

  2. Is original

  3. The real owner of the house

  4. Original Rembrandt

  5. Precise and original thinker

Synonyms of Original

eccentric, rare bird, prototype, oddity, native, inventive, true, veritable, aboriginal, archetypal, individualist, archetype, master, maverick, creative, innovational, individual, bona fide, innovatory, indigenous, prototypical, authentic, nonconformist, genuine


Meanings of Insurer:
  1. The person or company that handles the insurance risk, part of the insurance contract that does the work of paying compensation.

Sentences of Insurer
  1. Even a mortgage for a single payment can help you negotiate a reduction in your own insurers' estimates.