Original Age

Original Age,

Original Age means,

Original Age means: Age of insurance at the time of signing the life insurance contract

You can define Original Age as, How old were you when you took out insurance?

Literal Meanings of Original Age


Meanings of Original:
  1. From the beginning or before, the first or the oldest.

  2. Personally by an artist, writer, musician, etc., especially a copy.

  3. It does not depend on the innovative or new ideas of others.

  4. The oldest form of something that can be copied.

  5. Eccentric or unusual person

Sentences of Original
  1. The real owner of the house

  2. Real Rembrandt.

  3. Subtle and original thinker

  4. The portrait may be a copy of the original.

  5. Is original

Synonyms of Original

pioneering, one-off, primordial, imaginative, new, rara avis, inventive, maverick, veritable, individualistic, wack, fresh, actual, real, wackadoodle, unique, oddity, novel, wackadoo, eccentric


Meanings of Age:
  1. The age of a person or the existence of something.

  2. The second historical period

  3. Getting old or getting old

  4. The name of the form that represents an action.

  5. A noun form that represents a whole or a number.

  6. The form of the name that indicates a place or house.

Sentences of Age
  1. The fatigue we feel as we get older.

  2. To discover

  3. Mileage

  4. Pre-battery

Synonyms of Age

time, length of life, generation, years, age group, peer group, era, summers, lifetime, epoch, period, span, aeon, number of years, stage of life, winters, duration