Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

I ordered a package abroad and now the USPS tracking station is preparing to ship the ship and it has already been shipped twice. what does it mean?

Sometimes things are not analyzed properly. Sometimes they are scanned twice indirectly. All packages coming from abroad pass through the country. This is completely normal. You can't take care of every little thing that happens.

Preparing for actual mail delivery usually means that the sender has purchased free online mail and placed an order for delivery, but has not yet entered the mail flow.

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Ig Shipping companies combine multiple packages into one shipping container, regardless of whether it is shipped to another country. This is the most common reason why Ori Post is ready to ship. This state is also the last state in which the package enters the destination mail flow. The length of package stay in this country depends on the number of packages from the country of origin to the destination.

This means that USPS has been notified of the arrival of your package. You may or may not leave your homeland. As you can see, it's not uncommon for special scans. Sometimes an error occurs while scanning. You will not see another update until the package for shipment is submitted to USPS. Packages need to be cleared by US Customs first, as long as they want / need to clear the packages. Most things happen in a day or two, I know some things can take up to 8 weeks. Incomplete, incorrect or missing custom documents can cause delays. There may also be a delay in determining whether the import duty (tax) is due or whether the item is still legal.

Ori Post ... means the post is paid online. Not that it was sent. You will need to see the tracker to see if it is moving. For packages from other countries, this is normal in one to three weeks, but it may take longer. Do not provide customs tracking information and no updates appear as you move. You know when to send a message to customs because shipment tracking shows it's in a city in the United States.

I applied quickly. That doesn't mean he miraculously jumps into Melman's arms in the next second.

Why not ask for overseas post office tracking information?

USPS will receive your package, after which all bowl and outbound mail is delivered to US Customs via international mail.

It's part of the habit. You rarely do much with mail.

Another post is being prepared. That means they ordered tickets.

Then move on to the export destination in the country. Wait for the email available for flights to the United States in one of the international postal cities.

All correspondence will then be sent to the customs broker. They do what they do and then send the post office to the same building. So the USPS followed.

Other post offices will follow you to US Customs.

International exchange of information through millions of packages is not perfect.

So far, your package is normal.

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment