Definition of Orientation:

  1. Human resource management: An introductory stage in the process of new employee assimilation, and a part of his or her continuous socialization process in an organization. Major objectives of orientation are to (1) gain employee commitment, (2) reduce his or her anxiety, (3) help him or her understand organizations expectations, and (4) convey what he or she can expect from the job and the organization. It is commonly followed by training tailored to specific job positions. See also acculturation and company orientation.

  2. The determination of the relative position of something or someone (especially oneself).

Synonyms of Orientation

Acclimation, Acclimatization, Accommodation, Accustoming, Adaptation, Adaption, Adjustment, Aim, Alignment, Arrangement, Aspect, Assimilation, Attitude, Azimuth, Bearing, Bearings, Bent, Breaking, Breaking-in, Briefing, Case hardening, Celestial navigation, Conditioning, Course, Current, Dead reckoning, Direction, Direction line, Disorientation, Domestication, Drift, Exposure, Familiarization, Fix, Frontage, Habituation, Hardening, Heading, Helmsmanship, Housebreaking, Inclination, Initiation, Instruction, Introduction, Inurement, Lay, Layout, Lie, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Line of position, Location, Naturalization, Navigation, Pilotage, Piloting, Placement, Placing, Point, Position, Position line, Positioning, Preparation, Quarter, Radio bearing, Range, Run, Seasoning, Set, Set-up, Situation, Steerage, Steering, Taming, Tendency, Tenor, Track, Training, Trend, Way

How to use Orientation in a sentence?

  1. When you first get hired to a new job, you will go to orientation to get acclimated to your new working environment.
  2. The childs surroundings provide clues to help in orientation.
  3. I was very nervous about my new job until human resources talked to us at orientation and reassured us of the expectations.
  4. Your new employee orientation will take place on May 20; during this time, you will learn the practices of the company, meet your coworkers, and sign the appropriate papers.

Meaning of Orientation & Orientation Definition