Definition of Organizing:

  1. Gather the necessary resources to achieve organizational goals.

  2. Organize orders in order.

  3. Organize multiple items in layout or layout or structure (or both).

  4. Organize or prepare (event or activity)

Synonyms of Organizing

Group, Regulate, Tabulate, Order, Classify, Arrange, Marshal, Organized, Knock into shape, Shape, Assemble, In a fit state, Put straight, Pigeonhole, Lick into shape, Catalogue, Prepared, Equipped, Set, Sort, Mould, Systemize, Systematize, Categorize, Structure, Dispose, Collocate, Put in order, Compile, Standardize, Codify, Primed, Sort out, All set, Regiment

How to use Organizing in a sentence?

  1. I was asked to arrange a meeting between different groups in our company tomorrow to find out where we are.
  2. Arrange your classes according to plan.
  3. A social program organized by the school.
  4. You need to be able to configure all your data correctly so that you can access it quickly.
  5. The organizations involved are exceptional because there are so many tasks and processes that need to be fully understood for maximum performance.

Meaning of Organizing & Organizing Definition