Definition of Organic:

  1. Related to one or more organs.

  2. It refers to the relationship between the elements of an object so that they fit harmoniously as an integral part of the whole.

  3. Natural or synthetic compounds (see recipe) that contain carbon. Natural organic compounds are found in all residential systems and natural products, such as coal, oil, sugar and wood (water is an inorganic compound). Organic compounds that are compounds are manufactured products, such as calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, urea. Inorganic compounds (such as metals) are usually extracted from minerals. There is no clear line between organic and inorganic chemistry in scientific terms.

  4. (Food or agricultural methods) that are produced or manufactured without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or man-made materials.

  5. A clear and functional internal structure and similar to or related to biology (in the sense of open systems) with an expected lifestyle of birth, growth, decay and death.

  6. Related to or derived from live content.

Synonyms of Organic

Congenital, Coordinated, Edificial, Anatomic, Methodical, Pesticide-free, Animate, Animate, Superstructural, Methodical, Natural, Constitutional, Living, Systematic, Primal, Biological, Textural, Additive-free, Vital, Structured, Integrated, Coherent, Instinctive, Architectural, Orderly, Elementary, Incarnate, Structured, Breathing, Physiological, Harmonious, Chemical-free, Integral, Indigenous, Morphological, Natural, Connate, Physical, Hereditary, Innate, Methodized, Inborn, Systematic, Inherent, Consistent, Connatal, Essential, Born, Inherited, Architectonic, Live, Atavistic, Zoetic, Inbred, Temperamental, Fundamental, Basic, Tectonic, Orderly, Organized, Visceral, Organismal, Instinctual, Formal, Substructural, Constructional, Ordered, Ingrained, Living, Consistent, Natural to, In the blood, Coherent, Primary, Coordinated, Native, Systematized, Connatural, Biological, Coeval, Non-chemical, Organized, Biotic, Native to, Genetic, Structural, Bodily, Integrated, Natural

How to use Organic in a sentence?

  1. The organic union of the essential works of art.
  2. Whole foods are organic for organic and local products, but they can be very expensive and people often, jokingly, refer to them as full payments.
  3. Organic soil
  4. The new cosmetics line consists of 100 organic cultivars, made entirely from natural ingredients, without chemicals and artificial additives.
  5. There are only two shops in my town where I can find organic bananas that I can easily make.
  6. Organic Agriculture
  7. The most common organic causes of headaches were ruled out by radiography, MRI and lumbar puncture.

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