Organic Fertiliser

Organic Fertiliser

A blend of supplemental nutrients from living or living sources that can be added to crops and pastures. Some examples are algae, blood and bones, manure and compost.

Literal Meanings of Organic Fertiliser


Meanings of Organic:
  1. Organic food.

  2. A living organism, as opposed to a robot or hologram.

  3. Belonging to living organisms or derived therefrom.

  4. It refers to an of the body of a living organism.

  5. With regard to carbon compounds, with regard to natural products.

  6. Food or food grown in an environment that is free from artificial agrochemicals and may have been certified by a regulatory body.

  7. Description of the form of social solidarity theorized by Émile Durkheim, characterized by voluntary participation in complex interdependencies for mutual benefit (e.g. trade agreements) rather than a mechanical solidarity based on prescribed relationships between people (e.g. family or tribe).

  8. A military unit or formation or parts thereof that are part of a permanent organization (as opposed to temporary affiliation).

  9. An instrumental act as an instrument of nature or art for a specific function or purpose.

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  11. Develop gradually or naturally.

  12. Harmonious and holistic structure.

Sentences of Organic
  1. Writing the script was an organic process.

  2. The show came together as a whole.


Meanings of Fertiliser:
  1. A natural substance used to make the soil more suitable for growing plants.

  2. A chemical compound designed to achieve the same effect.

Organic Fertiliser