Ordinary Dividends

Ordinary Dividends,

What Does Ordinary Dividends Mean?

A simple definition of Ordinary Dividends is: General profit is a portion of the company's profits that is regularly distributed to shareholders. One of the major benefits of owning shares, also called shares, is that it pays dividends regularly.

  • Profits are part of a company's profits that are regularly paid to its shareholders.
  • There are two types of corporate profits: general or ineligible profits and qualified dividends.
  • All profits are counted as general profits unless classified as explicit dividends.
  • When it comes to profits, the big difference for investors is how they are taxed: regular profits are taxed as general income, like your federal income or wages, while taxable Profits are levied on lower income levels.

Literal Meanings of Ordinary Dividends


Meanings of Ordinary:
  1. What is worldly or standard?

  2. A judge, including a person, who exercises his authority through work and not through delegation

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Synonyms of Ordinary

customary, typical, settled, stock, prevailing, standard, fixed, traditional, usual, common, wonted, expected, set, regular, day-to-day, routine, accustomed, normal, habitual, daily, everyday, quotidian, established


Meanings of Dividends:
  1. A company pays its shareholders regularly (usually annually) with profits (or reserves).

  2. A large number was divided by the second number.

Sentences of Dividends
  1. Tax exemption on pension fund profits has been abolished.

  2. Dividend must be more than one symbol of the calendar.

Synonyms of Dividends

earnings, yield, emolument, percentage, takings, winnings, receipts, profit, benefit, interest, dividend, return, advantage, income, proceeds, reward