Order Imbalance

Order Imbalance,

How To Define Order Imbalance?

  1. An imbalance in orders is a situation that results in an increase in the number of orders to buy and sell certain securities on the stock exchange, making it impossible for the orders of the buyer and the seller to match. In the case of securities under the supervision of market makers or experts, the shares can be withdrawn from certain reserves to increase liquidity and eliminate temporary surplus orders from the portfolio so that the trading of securities can continue at a low level. In extreme cases of order imbalance, negotiations are suspended until the imbalance is resolved.

    • Ordinary imbalances arise when buying and selling orders for a particular security are exceeded.
    • Most control imbalances are short-lived, but can last for hours or even days.
    • Using limit orders instead of market orders can help eliminate some buying and selling problems with order imbalances.

Literal Meanings of Order Imbalance


Meanings of Order:
  1. Give instructions or instructions that you are authorized to do something.

  2. Order (something) to be made, provided or presented.

  3. Arrange (some) accordingly.

  4. Arranging or arranging people or things in relation to each other in a particular order, pattern or method.

  5. Government orders, instructions or directives.

  6. A particular social, political or economic system.

  7. Association of monks, priests, monks, etc., which lives according to certain religious and social principles and disciplines, and at least some of its members have made a vow. A society of knights bound by common rules and with military prowess and monastic character. An institution set up by the king to do so awards them one or more merit-based awards. Masonic Order of Honor or Merit or a member of a similar fraternal organization.

  8. The quality, nature or meaning of something.

  9. Central classification category below class and above family.

  10. One of the five classic architectural styles based on column proportions, number of decorations, etc. (Dork, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite).

Sentences of Order
  1. He told me to go

  2. My friend booked his ticket last week

  3. All entries are sorted by date

  4. I sorted alphabetically

  5. I will not accept requests from a simple administrator

  6. If only the farmers stood up against the order

Synonyms of Order

write off for, direct, hierarchy, dictate, succession, style, ranking, class system, organize, lay out, require, enjoin, put in an order for, dispose, instruction, class, disposition, taxonomic group, tell, kind, put in order, apply for, decree, place an order for, send away for, command, sequence


Meanings of Imbalance:
  1. Lack of ratio or relationship between related things.

Sentences of Imbalance
  1. Stress is caused by an imbalance of power.

Synonyms of Imbalance

disproportion, variation, lack of relation, lopsidedness, lack of harmony, polarity, variance, contrast, misproportion, unevenness, disparity