Orange And Green Make

Orange And Green Make

What colors are orange and green when you mix them?

Black olive color ... dark green like CSR

Green and orange markers

Orange and green markers

Orange And Green Make

Orange And Green Make

It depends on the ratio of orange to green.

10% orange to 90% green = dark green

25% orange to 75% green = olive green or military OD

50% orange to 50% green = green touching brother

60% orange to 40% green = brother =

75% orange with orange tint 25% green = dark brown

The color of sulfur mixed with orange green is yellow.

Orange mixed with red and yellow (two primary colors)

Green is a mixture of blue and yellow (two primary colors)

The answer to your question is yellow.

Here's your guide to spectral colors:

V I G Y O R (Longitudinal wavelength)

Indigo = purple + green

Green = Indigo + Yellow

Yellow = green + orange

Orange = yellow + red

The desired color is created by combining two colors.

The groom.

Orange And Green Make