Oral argument

Oral argument,

Definition of Oral argument:

  1. A spoken presentation of a case or motion before a court.

  2. Attorneys spoken statements before a court in defense of a clients case, or in rebuttal of the opposing partys spoken or written statements.

How to use Oral argument in a sentence?

  1. While i was a witness in court today the Judge had to stop the oral argument given by one of the attorneys due to false statements.
  2. The oral argument was presented in court and the witness was visibly shaken up by the intense nature of the accusations.
  3. I had to present my oral argument in front of the class and that made me quite nervous and my hands began to shake.

Meaning of Oral argument & Oral argument Definition

Oral Argument,

What Does Oral Argument Mean?

  1. The ability of lawyers to summarize their position in court and answer judges' questions.

Literal Meanings of Oral Argument


Meanings of Oral:
  1. Oral exam or test.

  2. Spoken, spoken, not written.

  3. In relation to the mouth.

Sentences of Oral
  1. French

  2. They made a verbal agreement

  3. Oral Hygiene

Synonyms of Oral

unwritten, vocal, by mouth, verbal, uttered, spoken, said, viva voce, oral examination


Meanings of Argument:
  1. Exchange of different or opposite opinions, usually emotional or angry.

  2. A set of reasons or reasons given to please others, or an action or theory, good or bad.

  3. Determines the independent variable assigned to the function and the value of the function. For example, in the expression y = F (x₁, x₂), the arguments for the function F are x₁ and x₂, and the value is y.

  4. A group of nouns in a sentence that are directly related to the verb, usually the subject, the direct object, and the indirect object.

  5. Summary of the title of a book.

Sentences of Argument
  1. I fought with my father

  2. There are strong arguments for filing a formal complaint.

  3. Ebels's theory states that this number can be expressed as a fixed number p of this integration, the integration argument is the algebraic function of the original argument.

  4. It also does not contain semantic predictions, because anaphora is not an argument for a verb.

Synonyms of Argument

exchange of views, dispute, logic, quarrel, clash, case, altercation, difference of opinion, wrangle, fight, theme, subject matter, topic, dissension, disagreement, squabble, contretemps, feud, war of words, reasoning