Definition of Options:

Options are basic security, such as equity-based financial derivative instruments. Option agreements give the buyer the opportunity to buy or sell the underlying asset, depending on the type of agreement. Unlike futures contracts, the owner is not obligated to buy or sell an asset if he or she does not wish to do so.

  • An option is a financial derivative that gives the buyer the right to do so, but does not have the obligation to buy and sell the underlying asset at a agreed price and date.
  • Call and pots form the basis of a large number of option strategies designed for hedging, profit, or speculation.
  • While there are many ways to take advantage of options, investors need to weigh the risks carefully.

An agreement that allows the purchase and sale of goods or assets on a specific date at a fixed price, but is not required.

You can define Options as, A legal agreement that gives the holder the right (but not obligation) to buy or sell the underlying asset at maturity at a fixed price at the time of the transaction.

Entry into a stock exchange database that indicates whether a particular stock also has trading options. See options.

Meanings of Options

  1. Buy or Sell options.

  2. Anything that can or will be selected.

Sentences of Options

  1. Your second script will be selected after reading it

Synonyms of Options

take it or leave it , opportunity , dilemma , license , preference , choice , other side of coin , prerogative , franchise , druthers , privilege , right , free will , selection , claim , grant , discretion , advantage , alternative, election , possibility, course of action, recourse, pickup