Optional Ft Payment Barclays

Optional Ft Payment Barclays

Does it appear in someone's checking account? 3

I checked my bank statement to confirm my expenses and took £ 95 from MOLECHANNEL FT on the 6th. Has anyone seen it because I don't know what it is?

This is payment through soft app (pne / tablet / online banking).

Maybe you're in Barclays?

Problem, Search or Google it can help.

Assuming you don't use your details on your smart pen to buy something, contact your bank, let them know you suspect fraud and want to confirm payment.

This is Barclays mortgage payment. When you transfer money to or from your Barclays Mortgage Account, it is called MOLECHANNEL FT here.

Optional Ft Payment Barclays

Optional Ft Payment Barclays

Yes, I got it too, but I don't know where to contact the bank as soon as possible.

Hi, this also appears in my account when you transfer funds to your savings account. I don't think you can worry about that anyway.

It changed my account when I used my pneumatic mole. (Android) to transfer nodes between my accounts.

Did you find anything in common with me? But credited to my account?

85% from my account I did not even know that I have activated the application there.

A difficult situation is happening and it can really help.

Optional Ft Payment Barclays