Option Schedule

Option Schedule,

What is The Definition of Option Schedule?

  • You can define Option Schedule as, On the brokerage, the list of options available for the base stock symbol that you enter.

Literal Meanings of Option Schedule


Meanings of Option:
  1. Anything that can or will be selected.

  2. Aggressive game in which the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or walk around

Sentences of Option
  1. Your second script will be selected when you read it

Synonyms of Option

alternative, recourse, course of action, possibility, choice


Meanings of Schedule:
  1. Definition or schedule (an event) that occurs at a particular time.

  2. Plan to perform an action or procedure with a schedule of scheduled events and times.

  3. Attached to a formal document or law, especially in the form of a list, table or inventory.

  4. (With reference to Income Tax Governments) One of these forms (designated "A", "B", etc.) has been issued for filling and referring to different classes in which taxable income is distributed.

Sentences of Schedule
  1. This single is due in April

  2. We have set up an engineering program

  3. Requires a clean installation schedule and accessories

Synonyms of Schedule

plan, organize, book, make arrangements for, arrange, fix a time for, time, programme, set up, slot in, scheme, line up, timetable