Option Instruments

Option Instruments,

Definition of Option Instruments:

  • Option Instruments refers to Derivatives such as pits, call options, exchanges or floors used to handle the underlying risk allow the hedge to determine when the contract closes. If the option expires, it will have no value.

Literal Meanings of Option Instruments


Meanings of Option:
  1. Anything that can or will be selected.

  2. Aggressive sport in which the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or walk around.

Sentences of Option
  1. Your second script will be selected after reading it

  2. Choose the cheapest option for power supply

Synonyms of Option

course of action, possibility, alternative, choice, recourse


Meanings of Instruments:
  1. Equip some (some) with measuring instruments.

  2. A tool or instrument, especially for precision work.

  3. A scale tool for judging level, position, speed, etc. Anything, especially a car or an airplane.

  4. An object or instrument for making musical sounds.

  5. An official or legal document.

Sentences of Instruments
  1. Engineers instructed the rocket to inspect the upper atmosphere.

  2. Surgical instruments

  3. New tool for measuring ozone levels

  4. The value of learning a musical instrument

  5. Execution including signature and unconditional delivery of equipment

Synonyms of Instruments

meter, contrivance, measuring device, tool, mechanism, utensil, measure, implement, appliance, contraption, gadget, gauge, apparatus, device