Opting Out

Opting Out,

Opting Out means,

  • When a person does not want to be admitted to an employer-funded pension plan after automatic registration.

Literal Meanings of Opting Out


Meanings of Opting:
  1. Choose from a variety of options.

Sentences of Opting
  1. Consumers will choose cheaper products

Synonyms of Opting

single out, fix on, plump on, pick out, pick, choose, take, select, plump for, settle on, decide on, go for


Meanings of Out:
  1. Thanks there.

  2. A way to avoid any trouble or dilemma.

  3. The process of eliminating the player.

  4. Political parties or politicians who are not in office.

  5. Not at home or at work.

  6. Disclosure or publication

  7. Blooming (of flowers).

  8. It doesn't shine anymore.

  9. This is neither possible nor should be considered.

  10. In a coma

Sentences of Out
  1. The door is running

  2. The biggest difference between them is that these two players have paid more than their careers.

  3. Australia's first Labor party, which was highly critical of colonial policies, wanted the people to govern more directly.

  4. He pretends to be out when he calls

  5. June, when the poppies open, is a great time to visit Umbria.

  6. The fire is near

Synonyms of Out

comatose, inaccurate, inert, revealed, common knowledge, push out, turn out, known, away from one's desk, disclose, get rid of, blooming, away, public knowledge, unveil, drum out, in flower, incorrect, oust, unconscious, insentient, throw out, not at home, quenched, uncover, wrong