Definition of Optimal:

  1. Ideally, the best or cheapest.

  2. Be the best or the highest, sometimes under certain parameters or limits. For example, it is usually up to the Department of Human Resources to select the ideal candidate for a position from a group of candidates to determine which candidate qualifies for that position.

Synonyms of Optimal

Unmatchable, Picked, Select, Optimal, Prime, Ultimate, Optimum, Unbeatable, Champion, Unparalleled, Perfect, Prize, Elect, Chief, Top, Best, Pre-eminent, Without equal, Second to none, Greatest, Supreme, Matchless, Surpassing, Unsurpassed, Prime, Nonpareil, Unmatched, Surpassing, Supreme, Greatest, Choice, Unsurpassable, Paramount, Unsurpassed, Superlative, Unparalleled, Unexcelled, Very best, Finest, Incomparable, Handpicked, Matchless, For the best, Ideal, Unbeaten, Principal, Foremost, Leading, Peerless, First, Unrivalled, Premier, Peerless, Quintessential, Elite, Of the highest quality, Optimum

How to use Optimal in a sentence?

  1. The design department had to work hard to find the ideal conditions for their new machine.
  2. For maximum performance, the athlete takes a number of dietary supplements that allow him to run faster, jump higher and get the most out of his body.
  3. Find the ideal solution.
  4. Steve used to sell his shares for a small profit, but then he started managing profits to achieve the ideal profit.

Meaning of Optimal & Optimal Definition

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