Definition of Optimal:

  1. Best or most favorable; optimum.

  2. Being the best or of the greatest value, sometimes under certain parameters or restrictions. For example, it is usually up to the HR department to select the optimal candidate for a job from a group of applicants by deciding which candidate meets the qualifications of the job.

Synonyms of Optimal

Finest, Greatest, Top, Foremost, Leading, Pre-eminent, Premier, Prime, First, Chief, Principal, Supreme, Of the highest quality, Superlative, Unrivalled, Second to none, Without equal, Nonpareil, Unsurpassed, Unsurpassable, Peerless, Matchless, Unparalleled, Unbeaten, Unbeatable, Unexcelled, Optimum, Optimal, Ultimate, Surpassing, Incomparable, Ideal, Perfect, Best, Champion, Choice, Elect, Elite, For the best, Greatest, Handpicked, Matchless, Optimum, Paramount, Peerless, Picked, Prime, Prize, Quintessential, Select, Supreme, Surpassing, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Very best

How to use Optimal in a sentence?

  1. The engineering department was forced to work many grueling hours to find the optimal conditions for their new machines to operate under.
  2. For optimal performance the athlete consumed many dietary supplements which would allow him to run faster, jump higher, and be able use his body to its fullest potential.
  3. Seeking the optimal solution.
  4. Steve used to sell his stocks early in order to secure a small profit, but then he started letting his profits run, for optimal returns.

Meaning of Optimal & Optimal Definition