Opt out

Opt out,

Definition of Opt out:

  1. Choose not to participate in or carry on with something.

  2. Express instruction by a customer, or a recipient of a mail, email, or other direct delivery to stop the marketer from sending a merchandise, information, or more messages. For example, some book clubs automatically send the Book Of The Month to their members unless they notify the club (within a specified period) not to send it. Responsible online marketers include opt out instructions in their messages or at their sites. See also opt in.

How to use Opt out in a sentence?

  1. Although I enjoy supporting my local grocery store, I decided to opt out of receiving their weekly newsletter in an effort to reduce paper waste.
  2. They had both opted out of the medical plan.
  3. There was interest expressed in the opt out process by the customer but the retention section of the team challenged that.
  4. I decided to opt out of my contract and work for a different company because I wanted better pay and to be treated better.

Meaning of Opt out & Opt out Definition