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Opt-out Lawsuits,

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  1. Meaning of Opt-out Lawsuits: A type of lawsuit in which a plaintiff omits a large securities class action that was also brought against the same defendant's company. Opt-out operations are usually recommended by institutional investors (such as banks, insurance companies or pension funds). By filing a lawsuit separate from the larger class action, a single claimant can sometimes communicate faster with a larger population than whether they are passive beneficiaries of the class action. In addition, through a speedy settlement, non-participating claimants will receive the first benefit of the liability insurance policy from the defendants' directors and officers. This is important because the defense costs required by long and complex securities are quickly disputed and often exceed the D&O policy before funds are available to settle claims.


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Opt-out Lawsuits,

Opt-out Lawsuits Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Opt-out Lawsuits is: The type of action in which a single plaintiff withdraws from a large securities lawsuit filed against the same defendant's company. Opt-out actions are usually recommended by institutional investors (such as banks, insurance companies or pension funds). By filing a separate claim from a larger case, the same claimant can sometimes negotiate a much larger and faster settlement if they are the recipients of the lawsuit. In addition, the opt-out plaintiff receives the defendant's liability for the first installment of insurance revenue (directors and executives, D&O) through a speedy settlement. This is important because the defense costs required for long, complex bond disputes quickly and often override the limits of D&O policy, and in fact funds are often available to adjust claims.

Literal Meanings of Opt-out Lawsuits


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