Definition of Oppression:

  1. Causing harm or injury by unjust exercise of power or discretionary authority, specially with unjust motives.

  2. Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

  3. Depriving of one or more shareholders of their legitimate expectations or other unfair treatment by the controlling shareholder(s).

Synonyms of Oppression

McCarthyism, Schmerz, Slough of Despond, Abuse, Affliction, Airlessness, Anguish, Argumentum baculinum, Bale, Big stick, Bitter cup, Bitter draft, Bitter draught, Bitter pill, Blank despondency, Burden, Burden of care, Burdening, Burthen, Cankerworm of care, Care, Cargo, Charge, Charging, Closeness, Cross, Crown of thorns, Cumber, Cumbrance, Curse, Deadweight, Death wish, Dejectedness, Dejection, Depression, Despair, Despondency, Despondentness, Despotism, Discouragement, Disheartenment, Dispiritedness, Distress, Domination, Domineering, Down trip, Downcastness, Downer, Downheartedness, Drag, Drooping spirits, Encumbrance, Enslavement, Fascism, Freight, Gall, Gall and wormwood, Grievance, Handicap, Harassment, Hardship, Harrying, Heartlessness, Heavy hand, High hand, Hopelessness, Hounding, Incubus, Incumbency, Infliction, Injury, Injustice, Iron boot, Iron hand, Iron heel, Lading, Load, Loading, Low spirits, Lowness, Lowness of spirit, Malaise, Maltreatment, Millstone, Oppressiveness, Overload, Overtaxing, Overweighting, Pack of troubles, Pain, Peck of troubles, Persecution, Pessimism, Pressure, Red-baiting, Reign of terror, Repression, Saddling, Sea of troubles, Self-destructive urge, Sinking heart, Sorrow, Spiritlessness, Stuffiness, Subjection, Subjugation, Suicidal despair, Superincumbency, Suppression, Surcharge, Taedium vitae, Taxing, Terrorism, Thorn, Thought control, Torment, Tormenting, Torture, Trouble, Tyranny, Victimization, Waters of bitterness, Weariness of life, Weight, Witch-hunt, Witch-hunting, Woe, Persecution, Abuse, Maltreatment, Ill treatment, Tyranny, Despotism, Repression, Suppression, Subjection, Subjugation, Enslavement, Exploitation

How to use Oppression in a sentence?

  1. A region shattered by oppression and killing.

Meaning of Oppression & Oppression Definition