Opposite Of Deep

Opposite Of Deep

What is the opposite of deep in medical terms?

In anatomy, superficial is a directional term that indicates that one structure is further away than another or closer to the surface of the body. The opposite of superficial is profound. The superficial term is relative.

Likewise, what directional expression is the opposite of profound?

Anatomy Unit 1: Opposites of Direction

a B
proximal distal
Deep shallow
shallow Deep
dorsal ventral
What is the opposite of dorsal from a medical point of view? Cranial: Towards the head, in contrast to the caudal. Deep: away from the outer surface or further inside the body, as opposed to superficial. Distal: further from the beginning, compared to proximal. Dorsal: the back, as opposed to the abdomen. ### With that in mind, what's the deep medical term? Depth: in anatomy, away from the surface or further inside the body. Unlike the superficial. The legs rest deep on the skin. For a more complete list of spatial orientation terms used in medicine, see the Anatomical Orientation Terms section. ### What is the medically opposite of proximal? proximal. Something proximal is closer to the point of attachment or origin. In medicine, this means closer to the center of the body. The opposite of proximal is distal and these terms are also used in geology.

Which of these directional conditions is best suited as opposites?

Short-Term Definition of the Endocrine System Rule Other Organ Systems Term Which of these directional conditions is more suitable as the opposite?

A. superficial and deep b medial and proximal c distal and lateral d superior and posterior and anterior and inferior Definition a. shallow and deep

What is related to the eye socket in the body?

In anatomy, the eye socket is the socket or shell of the skull that contains the eye and pendants. Anatomical concept by Gérard de Cremona. Orbit can refer to the bone connector or can also be used to indicate the content.

Is the dash a must?

It usually depends on whether you want two words in the sentence to be hyphens rather than words. However, mustsee is a hyphen when used as a compound word. When the word voir is used as a verb in the sentence, there is no hyphen.

Does Top Secret have a dash?

With a hyphen, the connection is interpreted as an adjective and the expression is incomplete: is it top secret ?


Add a name and now the name is complete - it’s a top secret document, it’s a top secret organization.

Does the service have a hyphen?

in Don’t use hyphens unless it means inappropriate, incomparable. However, use a hyphen on words like depth, internal, and in-laws. Hyphen noun and adjectives: A burglary has been reported to the police.

What is the medical term for the summit?

Above or cranial to the head of the upper body (e.g. the hand is part of the upper extremity). Inferior or caudal path from the lower head (e.g. the foot is part of the lower extremity).

What is medical terminology?

Medical terminology is a language used to accurately describe the human body, including the components, processes, conditions that affect it, and the procedures performed on it. Roots, prefixes and suffixes are often derived from Greek or Latin and are often very different from their variants in English.

What are the medical requirements for the functions?

The four main anatomical positions are: dorsal, oblique, right lateral and left lateral. Each position is used in different medical conditions.

What does the abbreviation above mean?

TOP Definition of the acronym TOP Take Off Power (helicopter) TOP Take or Pay contract (natural gas industry) TOP Temporary operating license TOP Temporary professional license

What are the opposites?

Definition of antonyms An opposite is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, the opposite of hot can be cold. The root words of the word antonym are the words anti, which means against or contrary, and onym, which means name. Synonyms and antonyms are the exact opposite.

What is the name of the back of the body?

In biology and medicine, the words that describe the sides of a body are posterior, anterior, dorsal, and ventral [image source]: technically, a person’s back is called the backside.

What is the trunk?

Central section. (nautical) The part of a ship that adjoins the central section of the ship and has a smooth or nearly uniform cross section is commonly referred to as the parallel intermediate body. (Anatomy) The central part of the body.

What does it mean to lie in anatomy?

The lying position (/ s?


N / or / ˈsuːpa?

N /) means lying down horizontally with the face and upper body upwards, in contrast to the inclined position, which is facing downwards. In surgical use, it allows access to the peritoneal, thoracic and pericardial areas, as well as to the head, neck and extremities.

What is the synonym for deep?

deep (adj) extends relatively inward. a deep limit synonyms: cryptic, abstract, opaque, mysterious, cryptic, low, dense, hidden, mysterious, rich.

Opposite Of Deep