Definition of Opportunism:

  1. Take advantage of the opportunities that arise, regardless of the plan or principle.

  2. The process of taking advantage of circumstances for one's own benefit, especially without considering ethical principles or other interests.

Synonyms of Opportunism

Pragmatism, Taking advantage, Exploitation, Realism, Expediency, Manoeuvring, Unscrupulousness, Machiavellianism

How to use Opportunism in a sentence?

  1. He was accused of political wisdom.

Meaning of Opportunism & Opportunism Definition


How Do You Define Opportunism?

  1. Opportunism definition is: Practice exploring and taking advantage of opportunities that arise, regardless of others or possible outcomes.

Meanings of Opportunism

  1. Take advantage of opportunities when they arise, regardless of plan or principle.

Sentences of Opportunism

  1. Politician's accusation

Synonyms of Opportunism

making the best of a bad job, ad hocery, striking while the iron is hot