Oppa Meaning

Oppa Meaning

What does oppa mean in Korean?

Old. Yoon Opa, June Opa..Tech


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Each is technically correct, but let me add four ideas so you can better understand their meaning.

The first is to call someone directly by name in Korean culture (not much Geopo culture is Korean-American, but it's certainly rude in Korean) if that person is older than you.

Second, in Korean culture (not so much in Geopo culture) you can only make friends with someone your own age. If they are a year old or older, they cannot be your friends. You can always use the most disrespectful form with someone your age, unless that person has power over you (for example the president, the military, a senior executive, a priest or a priest).

Third, gender is very important to speak directly without using anyone's name (this also applies to jeep culture).

Fourth, there are 7 levels of formality in Korean culture, and Koreans, according to their knowledge, break their sentence (no article or verb is appropriate) and use dirt to talk to someone on a half-word level. Unacceptable. دو «« §Â]), which are the two lowest levels in Korean (• • ´Ã²´ and • • lowest ").

So, if someone can only be your friend when you're your age, and you want to be a friend of the United States (age doesn't matter), who would you talk to?

Well, girls take care of old men like Oppa. He tells the old man that he wants to make friends without respecting them.

Also, when girls want to clarify whether they are attracted to a boy or not, or if he is just a friend, they specifically state that he is just an oppa (which means he is Is like a brother and has only friends with him). They are not friends . Friends or Eyes (ÃÂ •).

So it literally means big brother and sometimes friend, but at first it can be a little difficult to get used to.

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Oppa Meaning