Opinion leaders

Opinion leaders,

Definition of Opinion leaders:

  1. General: Influential members of a community, group, or society to whom others turn for advice, opinions, and views.

  2. Marketing: Minority group (called early adopters) that passes information on new products (received from the media) to less adventuresome or not as well informed segments of the population. However, only products such as automobiles, books, and clothing are susceptible to such influencers whereas appliances, food, toiletries, etc., are not.

How to use Opinion leaders in a sentence?

  1. The opinion leaders would be polled shortly after product deployment as we wanted to gauge the overall sentiment with regards to our product.
  2. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos are among those considered the opinion leaders in the technology field as their insight and ideas seem to revolutionize current technology.
  3. John knew he was one of the opinion leaders and everyone listened on his every word. He knew this was a both a blessing and a curse, because everyone followed what he said.

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