Definition of OPEX:

  1. An acronym for operational expenses.

  2. Operational excellence. A business goal which seeks to reduce inefficiencies and increase quality. Also called OpX. See also Six Sigma, footprint rationalization.

  3. Operational expenditure.

How to use OPEX in a sentence?

  1. You should always strive for your business to be running at a opex level so that you can get the most from it.
  2. We were the opex of big business and we knew that if we kept doing great things, we would surely be the best forever.
  3. You can only cut opex so far, and most carriers are getting very close to reaching that point.
  4. You should always strive for opex in your business so that you will be running at your peak efficiency level.

Meaning of OPEX & OPEX Definition