Definition of Operator:

  1. A symbol or function denoting an operation (e.g. ×, +).

  2. Person or device that makes another device function or functional. A semiconductor in a circuit-board is an operator which allows the circuit-board to function for example.

  3. A specific mathematical function denoted by a symbol. For example, mathematical operators like the plus symbol (+) or minus symbol (-) show what to do to pieces of data.

  4. A person who acts in a specified, especially a manipulative, way.

  5. A person who operates equipment or a machine.

  6. A person or company that engages in or runs a business or enterprise.

  7. In telecommunications, an operator is a person that one would call for information, to connect to an intended phone number, or when encountering difficulties in connecting to the intended party.

Synonyms of Operator

Machinist, Mechanic, Operative, Engineer, Driver, Worker, Machiavellian, PBX operator, Activist, Actor, Administrator, Adventurer, Agent, Architect, Author, Ball of fire, Beaver, Behind-the-scenes operator, Big operator, Big wheel, Big-time operator, Bustler, Busy bee, Central, Coconspirator, Conductor, Conniver, Conspirator, Conspirer, Counterplotter, Creator, Director, Doer, Driver, Eager beaver, Eminence grise, Engineer, Enthusiast, Executant, Executor, Executrix, Exploiter, Fabricator, Faker, Finagler, Fraud, Functionary, Gamesman, Go-getter, Gray eminence, Gunslinger, Handler, Human dynamo, Hustler, Intrigant, Intriguer, Kingmaker, Lame duck, Live wire, Logroller, Long distance, Machinator, Maker, Man of action, Man of deeds, Manager, Maneuverer, Manipulator, Margin purchaser, Medium, Militant, Mover, New broom, Operant, Operative, Operative surgeon, Opportunist, Performer, Perpetrator, Pilot, Plotter, Plunger, Political activist, Pork-barrel politician, Powerhouse, Practitioner, Prime mover, Producer, Runner, Sawbones, Scalper, Schemer, Smart operator, Smoothie, Speculator, Stag, Steersman, Strategist, Subject, Superintendent, Supervisor, Surgeon, Switchboard operator, Take-charge guy, Telephone operator, Telephonist, Wheeler-dealer, Winner, Wire-puller, Wise guy, Worker, Manipulator, Manoeuvrer, Mover, Worker, String-puller, Mover and shaker, Wheeler-dealer, Contractor, Entrepreneur, Promoter, Impresario, Arranger, Fixer, Trader, Dealer, Director, Manager, Partner, Businessman, Businesswoman, Financier, Venture capitalist, Speculator

How to use Operator in a sentence?

  1. His recent breakthroughs in the theory of characteristic functions for several commuting operators indicate that in spite of his seventy years, mathematically Moshe is still a young man.
  2. A tour operator.
  3. A radio operator.

Meaning of Operator & Operator Definition