Operation Process Chart

Operation Process Chart,

How To Define Operation Process Chart?

  1. Used in manufacturing, the diagram shows each stage of the production process, including when materials are needed, how much time should be allocated for each job, how many people to complete the job Requires etc.

Literal Meanings of Operation Process Chart


Meanings of Operation:
  1. Facts or situation of stay or activity.

  2. Surgical intervention in patients.

  3. Organized and coordinated activities involving a number of individuals, especially members of the armed forces or the police.

  4. The process by which numbers, quantities, impressions, etc. Manipulation according to formal rules, such as modification or addition, multiplication and subtraction.

Sentences of Operation
  1. Construction and operation of power plants

  2. I haven't felt better since my bypass surgery.

  3. Rescue operation

  4. Difficulties can be created that include all the math additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

Synonyms of Operation

surgery, surgical intervention, process, job, minor surgery, enterprise, business, working, action, campaign, manoeuvre, undertaking, major surgery, activity, running, functioning, task, step, affair, exercise, performance, surgical operation, procedure, behaviour


Meanings of Process:
  1. A set of steps or steps taken to achieve a specific goal.

  2. A subpoena or court order in which a person must appear in court.

  3. In biology or in supplementation or natural growth, for example. B. A lump in the bone.

  4. Perform a series of mechanical or chemical processes on (something) to change or maintain it.

  5. Running or process

Sentences of Process
  1. Military operations could jeopardize the peace process

  2. The plaintiff has to file his complaint and send it to the defendant.

  3. Out of the 334 blades of the shoulder joint, the pair had triangular action 58 times in both bones.

  4. Different stages of wool processing

  5. They try the hall

Synonyms of Process

undertaking, exercise, business, writ, operation, task, procedure, activity, job, subpoena, action, affair, proceeding, summons


Meanings of Chart:
  1. Information sheets in the form of tables, graphs or charts.

  2. Weekly list of today's best-selling pop records.

  3. For maps or geographic projects, especially ocean or aviation.

  4. Records of written information about patients

  5. Maps that show the position of the planets at the time of human birth and can be used by astrologers to determine their role or potential.

  6. Map (an area)

  7. Draw on the diagram (stroke)

  8. Record growth or evolution.

  9. Enter weekly music ratings at a specific location (from the recording).

Sentences of Chart
  1. Includes lots of descriptive black and white maps and tables, graphs and charts to help clarify the information contained in the text.

  2. This document is often supplemented by tables, diagrams, and graphs to illustrate the information contained in the text.

  3. Color graphs, charts and graphs are well presented to illustrate statistical information and easily identify major trends.

  4. He sat at the table as usual, with sheets and diagrams, a pen in his hand, and coffee nearby.

  5. He carefully prepared many charts and graphs on large graph paper.

  6. You can also find information in charts, tables, pill lists and interactive charts.

  7. This combination of vintage graphics and custom graphics is a great illustration of information design for educators and engineers.

  8. Graphs and tables provide interesting information, as well as color illustrations of many species of chameleons.

  9. A number of photos, tables, graphs and examples help to understand the research findings.

Synonyms of Chart

grid, detail, map, trace, portray, report, note, catalogue, record, draw, scheme, scale drawing, register, document, layout, top twenty, illustration, tabulation, chronicle, histogram, delineate, depict, survey, plot, describe, drawing, figure