Operating revenue

Operating revenue,

Definition of Operating revenue:

  1. Operating revenue is the revenue that a company generates from its primary business activities. .

  2. Net sales revenue and other amounts derived from the primary business operations of a company.

  3. For example, a retailer produces its operating revenue through merchandise sales; a physician derives their operating revenue from the medical services that they provide. What constitutes operating revenue varies based on the business or the industry. .

How to use Operating revenue in a sentence?

  1. Operating revenue is generated by a company's primary business activities.
  2. After deducting the cost of running the assembly line and the worker pay, Mr. Jones was able to get a clear picture of exactly what the operating revenue of the Kentucky plant was and whether they had enough capital to expand into Oklahoma.
  3. Our operating revenue was very high and I was happy with how we were doing as a brand new business.
  4. Operating revenue should be separated out from non-operating revenue that occurs from infrequent, unusual, or one-time events.
  5. Operating revenue can be compared year-over0year to assess the health of a company and its operations.
  6. Once all of the expenses were factored out the business came up with their operating revenue . They decided their net revenues were performing well.

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